Callpoint AQ Pro® Service Prequalification and Broadband Opportunity Identification

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  General Notice and Disclaimer: AQ Pro is based on Callpoint-developed and established processes that operate on third party spatial and non-spatial data. While Callpoint warrants its processes, it does not warrant the authoritiveness, accuracy, comprehensiveness or update frequency of third party data. Users accordingly need to exercise due care and judgement when sourcing datasets and when making decisions based on AQ Pro generated output.

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(i) have a PSMA Full Access G-NAF license for the relevant number of seats and
(ii) confirm that the analysis and output are for its internal business purposes only.
You agree to uphold the G-NAF End User License Agreement (EULA) conditions that are bound on you. Amongst other restrictions, you agree to not license, sell, embed, operate a bureau service or otherwise distribute the G-NAF attribution data or extracts thereof inc. Latitude-Longitude.

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